We are a married couple of boardgames fans based in Argentina, who love art and pop culture so much that we ended up becoming professional artists and graphic designers, with over 12 years of experience each on our fields of expertise.

After so many years working on non gaming projects, and thinking how to mix our talents with our passion, we created a studio to work with you and make beautiful and high quality board games, providing our experience both as artists and gamers.

So, who are we?

Sebastián Koziner

Sebas worked for more than 10 years in videogames as graphic designer and project leader, but once he discovered board games there was no way back! And he decided to focus his career in this newly found passion. Since then, he´s been working full time giving life to upcoming tabletop projects and graphic design for over 30 published games. In his spare time, he also designed his own games, having successfully kickstarted ONI on 2015 and Mutant Crops on 2017. His experience as a project creator helps clients to make their games not only beautiful, but successful.

Rocío Ogñenovich

Our illustrator and motion graphics artist, Ro worked for 10+ as a motion graphic designer in Fox International Channels Italy and Latin America. Besides having great animation, 2D and 3D skills, she´s a professional illustrator. She´s passionate enough to draw at any time possible, and found board games as a perfect place to showcase her talent. If that was not enough, in the spare time she squeezes time to publish her comics in Argentina.

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